Kia EV3: The Adorable Electric Car Coming to the U.S.

Kia EV3: The Adorable Electric Car Coming to the U.S.

The Kia EV3 has been slimmed down, especially the interior, compared to its concept presentation, but its stylish, boxy exterior will be available to U.S. dealers as a production model in the near future. They had a chance to see some European production models during Milan Design Week 2024 and can share some, if not all, of what you can expect when they come to the US.

From the outside, the EV3 electric SUV retains the cute cubic outline of the concept, with an angular hood and hatchback rear window. It’s really compact, measuring 14 feet long and about 5 feet tall. This small SUV sits quite low, but thanks to the dark cladding of the wheel arches and side lines, it gives a visual impression of height and a narrow waist. All versions of the EV3 feature 19-inch wheels with two-tone paint.

The EV3 is available in nine body colors, four of which are new to Kia: Earth Tones: Aventurine Green, Slate Grey, Frost Blue, and Terracotta. Vertical headlights give him an interesting robot-like look. Kia is working on a completely different design for the Playlist than many of the more aggressive electric cars on the market these days. EV3 is just adorable, not a mean guy.

Kia ​​has not announced the full range of trim levels available, only that there will be a standard range and his GT-Line, which has a slightly sportier look. The GT-Line features different body cladding, a unique front bumper, and still 19-inch GT-Line-specific wheels.

Interior details may differ from previous models they have seen, but the overall layout should be the same. It’s simple and spacious, with thoughtful use of consoles and controls. The EV3 is his five-seater, with an emphasis on interior space and accessibility. The dashboard has two 12.3-inch touchscreens connected to the climate control display via a 5.0-inch panel, so all information is available to the driver on one level. Most functions can be controlled via the touchscreen as well as buttons on the steering wheel and several dual panels below the center screen. Kia is also introducing natural language voice control, which allows you to control vehicle functions and perform web and map searches using voice commands.

The console lid can be pulled out as a table for work or snacking when loading luggage or waiting for passengers, and can be pushed back to create space for a purse or tote. Interior color options include shades of gray and blue. The GT-Line can be equipped with an optional black trim interior. Although the concept included the radical use of sustainable materials, mushroom leather is not yet ready for mass production. However, the EV3 still uses recycled materials for its dashboard and door panels.

Kia ​​remained silent on most powertrain details, but the long-range EV3 will be equipped with an 81.4 kWh capacity battery and have a range of about 350 miles, with a range of 10 to 80 percent at half-use. It states that the charging capacity will be 1 hour. According to Kia Motors, for the first time in a Kia vehicle, regenerative braking settings can now be controlled from the steering wheel. The standard model will have front-wheel drive, and while Kia hasn’t confirmed that multiple engines are in development, representatives did mention all-wheel drive during the GT Line tour. Kia says the single motor will allow the EV3 to reach 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds.

There is a shortage of small, affordable electric vehicles in the U.S. market, and Kia acknowledged that price, space and range can be deterrents for customers to switch to electric vehicles. The EV3 is focused on space and range, so we want to bring it to market at an affordable price. Kia says the target range is $30,000 to $50,000. They expect it to reach the $30,000 mark and help move the electric vehicle trend away from large luxury cars and toward smaller, more efficient transportation options.

Kia ​​hasn’t announced when it will go on sale in the US, but the EV3 he expects to be introduced in 2026.

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