Instagram adds 10 countries to its Creator marketplace

Instagram adds 10 countries to its Creator marketplace

Last weekend, Instagram announced that it would be expanding its Creator Marketplace to 10 new countries. This marketplace connects brands and creators and fosters collaboration. New regions include South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, and Indonesia.

Meta originally launched the marketplace in 2022 to enable paid partnerships for some users in the US, and has since added “thousands” of developers and brands. The company launched the feature in eight new markets in February, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India and Brazil.

Creators in China don’t have access to Instagram, but Meta allows brands based in China to connect with creators in regions where Marketplace is available.

To participate in the program, creators must be at least 18 years old, have a professional account, and meet the social network’s requirements, including having a “significant following.” The meta does not specify how many followers are required to meet this criterion.

Creators can join the program from their professional dashboard and specify topics of interest and related brands they want businesses to discover. Creators can see any collaboration interest they receive through their Partnership Her Messages inbox.

Other social networks such as Snap, YouTube, and TikTok are expanding their efforts to connect brands and creators. Earlier this month, photo editing app VSCO also launched a marketplace where brands can find professional photographers to work with. Other startups like Catch+Release, backed by Accel, and Agentio, backed by Craft Ventures and AlleyCorp, are trying to formalize the interaction between brands and creators.

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