Apple Will Bring Vision Pro to More Countries After WWDC

Apple Will Bring Vision Pro to More Countries After WWDC

According to report, the Apple Vision Pro will soon be available for purchase in countries other than the US. For multi-day Vision Pro training sessions, hundreds of staff from foreign retail outlets have been flying into Cupertino.

Before the Vision Pro was released in the US, Apple held similar training sessions where employees learned how to show customers around and respond to their inquiries. Although the Vision Pro’s precise debut date is still unknown, it is anticipated to reach additional countries following WWDC. The Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled for June 10–14 this year.

Attending the training sessions are employees from stores in Australia, China, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore; these are probably the nations that will receive the Vision Pro following the United States. Bloomberg’s report suggests a June release, therefore Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s earlier prediction that the Vision Pro would launch in additional countries before WWDC may no longer be correct.

In the months after the device’s release, interest in the Vision Pro in the United States has reportedly decreased, and as a result, Apple is said to have stopped shipping the Vision Pro. The device may rekindle interest if it is sold internationally, but at $3,500 USD, it is still too expensive. The price for non-US countries is still unknown.

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