HyperOS will be available on these devices in January 2024: all the details

HyperOS will be available on these devices in January 2024: all the details

In addition to introducing the new HyperOS platform in China, Xiaomi will introduce its first electric vehicle in 2024. However, the second major announcement this week is that, in the upcoming weeks, Xiaomi consumers in India will be able to sample the new HyperOS software version. The business has stated that starting in January 2024, some of its high-end handsets will be made available to users in India as the MIUI substitute.

Many people are interested to see how Xiaomi intends to redesign the user interface (UI) of the upcoming version and whether the additions will make it more user-friendly and fluid than MIUI. The new version has already been previewed by the firm, and some of the features and details that Xiaomi consumers can expect have been shared.

As you can see, Xiaomi is launching its HyperOS rollout in India with the Xiaomi Pad 6 model and the premium Xiaomi 13 Pro model, which has cameras designed by Leica. Although Xiaomi has not yet verified which of its well-liked Redmi Note series is eligible for the new software UI, it’s expected that in the upcoming months, the company will reveal information on availability for further devices.

Additionally, Xiaomi has to focus on updating its software more quickly; MIUI has a history of falling short in this regard. Even now, the majority of Xiaomi phones are still using the MIUI version of Android 13, which is fair given that Android 14 has been out for the last six months.

Xiaomi’s decision to concentrate on HyperOS for all of its markets-including India-is commendable. Everyone is now waiting to see if the firm introduces its most recent Xiaomi 14 series, including all of the models, to the nation this year. This will indicate the company’s intentions and areas of focus for the Indian market in 2024. We anticipate learning more about the company’s roll out plans in the upcoming months as it prepares to unveil the new Redmi Note 13 and Note 13 Pro a line in the nation this week.

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