Shafiq Ali: – Suny, The Jeweller

Shafiq Ali: – Suny, The Jeweller

Since 2015, Shafiq Ali, often known as Suny, has been regarded as one of the greatest jewellers in the NFL. Suny gained notoriety as the owner of the Oxford Diamonds, a team affiliated with the Atlanta Falcons. For more than 34 years, this firm has offered jewellery to celebrities, artists, and idols. His work was quickly recognised around the league, and demands for his one-of-a-kind, high-quality diamond custom pieces and jewellery began to stream in.

Suny has contracts with each of the NFL’s 32 teams. Professional athletes want the whole experience to come to his site, and players who want next-day shipping make an average of 30 transactions monthly. Suny offers high-quality diamond jewellery for professional athletes at a price that no other jeweller can match.

When gamers are looking for part-time work, they usually reach out to @SunytheJeweler on Instagram, where they can message Suny directly and receive prompt attention. Suny provides friendly service and discounts to all elite athletes lower than any Jeweler’s prices, making the process simple and enjoyable. Because of the bonds he’s built, hundreds of athletes have returned for more.

What inspired you to start your business?

I grew up in a family of jewellers, so owning a store and company of my own has always been a goal of mine.

What does a normal day look like for you, and how do you make the most of it?

My days are constantly jam-packed with work. There’s always something going on, like a customer who needs a Rolex or a necklace. When I’m not with my clients in person, I’m on the phone with them or working on growing my business. I appreciate what I do, working hard, spending time with my family and doing things that are good for me while I’m not working.

What methods do you use to bring your thoughts to life?

Confidence. I go for it if I have a creative notion that I want to see through. I don’t second-guess myself and am prepared to accept setbacks.

What is one trend that you are very enthusiastic about?

My business has benefited greatly from the age of Hip-Hop jewellery and glitter, and I enjoy dealing with this kind of jewellery.

What is one habit that helps you be a more effective entrepreneur?

I put in long hours, am always productive, and am invested in my company. When I’m not meeting with a client or on the phone, I want to call out and check-in to see how everyone and everything is doing.

What advice would you offer yourself when you were younger?

I would advise focusing on what is most essential and not losing sight of everything that has transpired as it should have. If it hadn’t been for the situations I’ve had, I wouldn’t have learnt some important things.

Tell us something true about which nearly no one disagrees.

Money, after all, isn’t everything. Particularly in the jewellery industry, where most jewellers upsell and prioritise money above long-term relationships.

What is the one thing you do as an entrepreneur that you suggest to everyone else?

My consumers are one of the most crucial aspects of my business. I’m always checking in to make sure everything is okay. What sets me apart from other jewellers are the relationships I keep.

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