Himalayan Electric Concept: Everything you need to know about Royal Enfield’s First-Ever Electric Motorcycle

Himalayan Electric Concept: Everything you need to know about Royal Enfield’s First-Ever Electric Motorcycle

The Electric Himalayan, Royal Enfield’s first electric motorcycle, has been developed. The new design idea was unveiled at Milan’s ongoing EICMA 2023. While this new bike is currently only in the concept stage, as the name implies, it is still very important since it shows that Royal Enfield has advanced in the creation of electric motorcycles. At the EICMA 2023, Royal Enfield also unveiled the brand-new Himalayan 452. The renowned Himalayan 411 will be replaced by the new 452. But Royal Enfield has chosen to hold onto the Scam 411.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Electric Concept’s design

The electric Himalayan, according to Royal Enfield, is a fresh take on sustainable exploration for the future. It’s an imaginative rendition of what an electric adventure tourer from Royal Enfield would look like. The concept bike has a proper ADV design. According to the business, the design team’s goal was to develop a concept that would lessen rider and environmental stress while promoting exploration.

Technical Elements

The main structural part, the battery box, required a complete redesign by the company. In addition, the company says it has implemented generative design and used novel materials like composite bodywork made of Organic Flax Fibre.

The Ohlins gas-charged monoshock and golden USD fork, which are firsts for a Royal Enfield bike, are elements of the Electric Himalayan that are probably adjustable. Discs on both ends are used for braking, and the spoke wheels on the SM Pro Platinum appear to be 21-/17-inch in size. The product that launches commercially might not match these requirements.

Future Plans

The Electric Himalayan’s specifications are currently unknown, and we only expect Royal Enfield to release a production-ready model of the bike in a few years. As of right now, the Royal Enfield Himalayan electric is just an idea. An official launch is still a few years off because it’s merely a platform for Royal Enfield to advance the development of its electric car powertrain and mechanics. Royal Enfield also announced during the unveiling ceremony that it will be revealing “lots of new concepts in the next few months.”

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