Google’s next Pixel tablet could include a stylus

Google’s next Pixel tablet could include a stylus

Google is working on an Android tablet with the Pixel name that will be released next year. You are  confident that it will run on Android. Other aspects, however, have remained hazy – there had been some chatter of a smart home focus, but whether it would be the primary focus now that the Pixel name had surfaced was questionable at best. So, what’s the point of using a stylus? The firm appears to have found one.

To cut a long tale short, Google joined the Universal Stylus Initiative in 2018 and released two standards for how active styluses should be designed and function. The use of NFC to charge a pen wirelessly was the highlight of Version 2.0, which was released on the last day of February this year. With the addition of magnets on the tablet and pen, the HP Chromebook x2 11 has a charging design that is already in place.

The USI has validated a Google tablet with only the name “Tangor” connected to it and no further information, according to the tech site NuGiz. The tablet is assumed to be the Google Pixel tablet, but they don’t have any more proof to back that up. Unless a competitive device hits the market sooner, Google claims that this will be the first commercial Android product to use a USI certificate.

Pixel devices serve two purposes: as Google’s consumer-facing hardware brand and as the Android developer workhorse. Specifications are all the rage among software developers, so this suggestion could provide some eager beavers an early advantage… if they trust that the Pixel tablet will come with a stylus. If the stylus was sold separately, it appears to be poor design planning to go through the newest certification.

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