Google unveils the Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 ahead of launch

Google unveils the Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 ahead of launch

Before their October 4 release, the Google Store published a marketing page for the Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2, confirming both devices’ designs. The other day, Google accidentally released a number of 3D renders; as a result, now that the mystery is out, Google has made it official.

There isn’t much to update about the Pixel 8 Pro’s design since we first saw live images of it in May. The video still confirms what would happen next month. The largest shift is the switch from the distorted curved displays that premium Android phones have been forced to use to a flat screen. In May, it was shown that the temperature sensor on the back of the phone could be used to take a person’s body temperature by placing the device right against the forehead. On the Pro edition, the sides continue to have a brilliant mirror surface.

You also see a picture of the less expensive Pixel 8. This shows that it still just has two cameras and has a satin finish rather than a mirror gloss. Additionally, the temperature sensor is not working.

The Pixel 8 Pro has a slightly different camera setup. The rectangular periscope zoom lens, the main lens, and the wide-angle lens are all now housed in a single large cutout. A few camera sensors were also moved around. Those two matching circles between the first and second camera lenses are the laser autofocus system, and it appears that the Pixel 8 Pro also contains a microphone in this location. A colour sensor, which is the little square chip, is now located on the right side of the Pixel 8 Pro’s camera array. Naturally, there is also a large white temperature sensor directly below the LED flash.

The new “Tensor G3” chip from Google, which will be used in the Pixel 8, is the other major improvement. Google is upgrading the Arm cores this year, unlike the Tensor 1 to 2 transition. According to reports, Google is employing an X3 core as the main CPU, putting it on par with the other 2023 flagship chips.

A single image of the Pixel Watch 2, which will also be unveiled on October 4, can be found on Google’s teaser page. There isn’t much to see because the design is virtually identical to that of the original watch. On the plus side, that means the watch bands for the old watch will fit the new one, which is fantastic because a metal alternative wasn’t available until June, which is eight months after the watch was first introduced. A wider range of bands will now be available for the Pixel Watch 2. The drawback is that the Pixel Watch’s small screen and large bezels, which have received the most criticism, aren’t being fixed. On Google’s image, you can increase the contrast to view the same-sized screen as before.

Also receiving an important CPU increase is this device. The Snapdragon W5 SoC, a 15-month-old Qualcomm chip, will power the Pixel Watch 2, as opposed to the 4-year-old Samsung chip that powered the Pixel Watch 1. Although that will undoubtedly benefit Google, high-end devices typically employs a processor from the most recent year.

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