Google rolling out TensorFlow Lite into Play services to inspire on-device ML in Android apps

Google rolling out TensorFlow Lite into Play services to inspire on-device ML in Android apps

On-device AI offers various advantages from speed (lower idleness) to security. To assist with expanding reception on Android, Google is currently adding an “Android ML Platform” — fundamentally TensorFlow Lite — directly to Play services.

Google Play administrations is answerable for key user-facing features on Android and gives outsider application developers access to different tools. The most recent will be on-device AI.

The organization discovered a few limitations that forestall applications from moving away from ML that happens in the cloud. This includes file size constraints identified with bundling additional libraries for ML to fluctuating execution across devices bringing about critical steadiness and accuracy contrasts. Ultimately, “maximizing reach can lead to using older, more broadly available APIs.”

Google’s solution for this is an “updateable, fully integrated ML inference stack” called the “Android ML Platform.” There are three segments to it, beginning with Google straightforwardly making accessible on-device inference capabilities on pretty much every Android gadget:

  • TensorFlow Lite will be available on all devices with Google Play Services. Developers will no longer need to include the runtime in their apps, reducing app size.

To guarantee “optimal” performance across devices, another Automatic Acceleration highlight in TensorFlowLite for Android empowers “per-model testing to create allowlists for specific devices taking performance, accuracy, and stability into account.” Available in the not so distant future, this decides if hardware acceleration is enabled.

Finally, Google will updating Neural Networks API outside of Android OS discharges. It’s likewise working with chipset vendors, as Qualcomm, to give the latest device drivers outside of OS updates.

This will let developers dramatically reduce testing from thousands of devices to a handful of configurations. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching later this year with Qualcomm as our first partner.

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