World Nature Conservation Day 2022: Know Date, History, Importance and How to Celebrate?

World Nature Conservation Day 2022: Know Date, History, Importance and How to Celebrate?
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Every year on July 28, there is a celebration known as World or International Nature Conservation Day to raise awareness of the value of a clean environment. The primary goal of this day is to save endangered species of plants and animals. And inform people about how to maintain nature or how to defend it?

Nature has been giving us everything we need to lead a healthy and better life for millions of years. Food, a place to stay, clean water, medicines, supplies, and clothing. All of our requirements are met by nature without expense. Therefore, it is our duty to protect the environment and the natural resources for future generations.

What is World Nature Conservation Day?

Every year on July 28, there is a global celebration of nature conservation. This day is commemorated to raise awareness of the importance of preserving natural areas and natural resources in order to safeguard Mother Earth from the risks posed by the adverse effects of climate change. and to convey to individuals the value of a healthy environment.

The day’s efforts are directed toward saving species of plants and animals that are in danger of disappearing from the Earth’s ecosystem. The goal of World Nature Conservation Day is to raise awareness of the fact that a stable, productive human society depends on a clean, healthy environment.

History of International Nature Conservation Day:

When International Nature Conservation Day was initially observed is not known with certainty. It is unknown when this day was initially celebrated. Unknown are the day’s origin and originator. In order to protect the environment and natural resources and maintain global security and safety, Nature Conservation Day was formed.

World Nature Conservation Day was first observed in India by people who were concerned about preserving the planet’s ecosystem and natural resources. The day is promoted by the New Delhi Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Center. Envis is sponsored by the Department of Environment, the Government of India, and the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Slowly, other nations began to join India in commemorating this crucial day for the globe.

Importance of World Nature Conservation Day:

Our planet’s natural resources, such as air, sunlight, soil, minerals, fuels, and water, are finite. These things are all limited, present in nature, and utilised by mankind. However, since the past ten years, humanity have used natural resources and vegetation at a rate that is devastating for both.

Nearly 8 billion people are alive on Earth right now. By 2036, this figure is anticipated to surpass 9 billion. And every day, all of these people make use of Earth’s natural resources. Many people are concerned that these resources will run out because they are being used up so quickly.

In order to raise awareness of the value of protecting our natural resources, encourage responsible resource management, and inform people about the need to save extinction-threatened plants and animals, the World or International Nature Conservation Day has been established.

How can you celebrate the International Nature Conservation Day?

To keep the globe safe and healthy, International Nature Conservation Day is marked by educating people about the need of protecting the environment and natural resources. And by encouraging people to make smart use of natural resources. There are numerous easy ways to protect the environment and natural resources.

Here are some easy ways to conserve the environment:

  1. Recycling: Try to buy reusable and biodegradable products as much as possible. Recycle everything if it is possible.
  2. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of water.
  3. Reduce the use of electricity. When your work is done with an electric appliance then turn it off. In this way, energy and money will be saved.
  4. Plant trees and make the planet green.
  5. Grow vegetables. In the market vegetables that are available are grown with chemicals and pesticides. So, it is better to plant vegetables and eat organic food.
  6. To avoid littering it’s better to do composting.
  7. As we know that batteries are dangerous for the environment so, it is better to use rechargeable batteries.
  8. Don’t smoke. Smoking is injurious to health and sometimes it is seen that people after smoking don’t throw cigarettes in the dustbin but on the ground directly which is just pure littering.
  9. Reduce pollution.
  10. Aware people about the use of conservation of nature, environment, and energy.

There are also three essential words about the conservation of the environment that is reduce, recycle, and reuse.

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