Google Releases AI-Powered Tools to Create Product Photos and Videos

Google Releases AI-Powered Tools to Create Product Photos and Videos

A number of new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, some of which assist shops in creating product photos and videos, have been revealed by Google.

Matt Madrigal, vice president, general manager, merchant shopping at Google, stated in a blog post on Tuesday, May 21, that the company is “introducing new ways to deepen the connections between shoppers and merchants through rich and compelling content” in light of the abundance of options available to consumers.

According to the post, one of the main improvements is the addition of graphic brand profiles on Google Search, which will showcase data supplied by shops via Google Merchant Center. These profiles will have eye-catching images of the business and products, videos, client testimonials, and the most recent offers and promotions.

According to the post, Google has improved its AI-powered content production tool, Product Studio, to assist merchants in producing better, on-brand content. Now, merchants only need to upload a photograph and include a prompt that describes the setting to create fresh product photos that match their distinct brand style. Product Studio also makes it possible to create short films or GIFs for social media platforms by allowing the creation of videos from a single shot.

According to the post, Google is using its generative AI technology to create three new ad styles that will bring shopping advertising to life. One feature of these formats is that it allows users to interact with short-form product videos or creator videos directly from Search results. Furthermore, vital information about the product will be presented in AI summaries that will appear beneath the video highlights.

According to the post, Google is also extending its Virtual Try-On technology to clothing advertisements for men’s and women’s tops, enabling customers to view how the items appear on various body shapes.

Additionally, according to the post, Google’s 3D technology will automatically generate 360-degree views of shoes from a series of photographs, giving customers an option to explore footwear straight from Shopping advertising.

In the post, Madrigal expressed excitement about assisting merchants in going beyond just listing their products and instead focusing on developing experiences that can foster real, enduring relationships with customers.

According to a report by PYMNTS Intelligence and AI-ID titled “What Generative AI Has in Store for the Retail Industry,” brands from various industry subsegments have been reevaluating their approaches in light of the growing popularity of generative AI in retail technologies.

According to the survey, generative AI efforts are actively being pursued by 57% of marketing and sales teams at consumer and retail organizations.

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