Google One brings a new 5TB storage plan

Google One brings a new 5TB storage plan

Google One is the umbrella branding for the entirety of Google’s paid cloud storage options, giving you a single shared bucket of storage for all Google administrations. The help has likely become more famous as free storage for Google Photos reached a conclusion recently, and presently Google is beginning to roll out a new storage choice past the three levels currently available on all accounts.

Google One as of now has three levels for all accounts: 100GB ($1.99/mo), 200GB ($2.99/mo), and 2TB ($9.99/mo). There are a couple of extra advantages for a portion of those plans, for example, 10% back credit for Google Store buys on the 2TB plan, yet they’re all essentially for capacity. A few records likewise have alternatives for 2T ($19.99/mo), 10TB (99.99/mo), and 20TB ($199.9/mo). The $80/month increment from 2TB to 10TB is a serious jump, however Google is presently presenting 5TB option in between.

The new storage option actually has all the earmarks of being rolling out — it’s not apparent on my own Google account, yet others at XDA have it available (h/t Reddit client inquirer). The new 5TB alternative expenses $24.99/mo, and very much like the wide range of various levels, the capacity applies to all Google items and administrations. That is a great deal of space for photos and videos in Google Photos.

Google hasn’t authoritatively declared the new storage option, so it’s not satisfactory when it will complete the process of rolling out to all records. To check if the new 5TB level is accessible for you, visit or check inside the mobile application.

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