Google Messages web app to help you to direct reply on Android

Google Messages web app to help you to direct reply on Android

You can now respond directly to RCS chats, just like you can on Android, thanks to a recent update to Google Messages on the web.

Support for the most recent RCS read receipts/send status was added in the most recent update to Messages for Web.

In the past, in, hovering over an RCS chat allowed you to Copy text, Delete, and respond with emoji—though you only had seven options instead of the full picker on Android.

Google as of late acquainted the capacity with straightforwardly answer to RCS messages on the work area web client (PWA). When you do this, a “Reply to message” hint appears above the text field in the chat, emulating the Android app, which added this feature in October 2022.

Since the Messages web app has long supported showing these quote responses made on or from phones, this feature has been highly requested.

Android tablets do not appear to support these direct responses, so the rectangular “Start chat” FAB was moved to the bottom-right corner of that column instead of the top of the conversation list. They have our reasonable portion of grumblings about the QR code-based client, particularly for the Pixel Tablet, yet the absence of direct answers is interested given the typical degree of component equality with

In a similar vein, they recently discovered that Messages for Wear OS has been updated with a new suggested reply design that uses thin outlines rather than filled buttons for the pill-shaped container. This could be in anticipation of plan language changes that could concur with Wear operating system 4.

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