Google doodle celebrates the Philippines Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Philippines Independence Day

The annual Doodle for today honors Independence Day in the Philippines in 2023! This national holiday honors the opportunity of the Philippines and its kin. After more than 300 years of Spanish rule, Filipino leader Emilio Aguinaldo declared independence from Spain on this date in 1898.

The 21-page Acta de la Proclamacion de la Independencia del Pueblo Filipino was signed in Cavite by Aguinaldo and 98 other Filipino officials after a long but necessary struggle for independence. The Philippines’ national flag was then unfurled and flown for the very first time in its history.

Filipinos celebrate Independence Day with loved ones and take a day off from work and school. Major commemorative ceremonies are held in Manila and Cavite. A 21-gun salute, public speeches by government officials, and parades with colorful floats bearing the blue, white, red, and yellow national flag are among these observances.

Happy Independence Day!

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