WhatsApp appears to be working with multi-phone and tablet chat

WhatsApp appears to be working with multi-phone and tablet chat
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According to a screen uncovered in a beta version of WhatsApp by the site WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to talk with the same account on several phones or on a phone and a tablet. The screen instructs you to register the device you’re using as a “companion” by scanning a code with your primary phone, however there doesn’t appear to be one to scan right now.

A screen from a previous test revealed that, despite being end-to-end encrypted, smartphones may soon be able to sync recent communications. This screen, when combined with the “Register Device as Companion” page, which informs users on how to use WhatsApp on a different device, provides solid proof that this feature is in the works.

Both screens were discovered on the Android version of the app, implying that the feature will allow users to talk on a second phone or tablet. It’s unknown at this time whether the feature will be available on iOS when it comes, though history suggests it will. WhatsApp’s Linked Devices functionality already allows you to use your account on various devices, however it currently only supports PCs as secondary devices. Both iOS and Android users can use the feature.

In November 2021, WhatsApp released Linked Devices as a public beta, and it has since been upgraded (though there are still a few unsupported features, depending on what your main device is). However, while Linked Devices is useful for desktop users, it is ineffective for people who have additional smartphones or tablets. The Verge reached out to Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, for further information on its plans to expand the Linked Devices feature to include mobile devices as well.

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