Google doodle celebrates the Denmark Constitution Day

Google doodle celebrates the Denmark Constitution Day

The present Doodle celebrates a significant piece of legislation in Denmark — the Protected Demonstration. Denmark became a constitutional monarchy on this day in 1849, when King Frederick VII signed the nation’s first constitution. Since then, the document has undergone numerous revisions, the most recent of which took place on June 5 and was in 1953.

Denmark Constitution Day has never been an authority public occasion, however it is normal for laborers to be off of work to praise the nation’s majority rule government. Participating in church services, eating fries (hotdogs) in parks, and singing in groups are all common activities.

Constitution Day is one of the more national days because Denmark is one of only two countries that does not have a patriotic holiday. The Danish flag, depicted in today’s Doodle, is waved by a lot of people at political speeches and events.

Happy Constitution Day, or Grundlovsdag, Denmark!

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