Google Doodle Celebrates Korea’s Hangul Day

Google Doodle Celebrates Korea’s Hangul Day
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In Korea, residents and researchers the same invest heavily in their unique writing script known as Hangul. To such an extent, indeed, that there is a yearly holiday in its honor!

The present Doodle, outlined by Seoul, South Korea-based guest craftsman Soman, honors Korea’s Hangul Day (한글날), the main holiday in the world for a alphabet!

So what makes Hangul sufficiently significant to warrant an holiday celebrating it? In the 15th century, numerous Koreans couldn’t successfully write their considerations down as the Korean language had no devoted composing system to communicate the intricacies of its spoken word. This all changed when the Korean government fostered an imaginative composed content considered Hangul that represented the sounds of spoken Korean.

Because of the execution of this productive writing system, literacy expanded dramatically. Today, Korea brags close to 100% literacy nationwide! With a developing worldwide premium in finding out with regards to Korean culture and its language, a phenomenon known as “Hallyu” or the Korean Wave, what preferable time over Hangul Day to take a stab at learning it for yourself?

Happy Hangul Day, Korea!

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