Google Docs allows you to edit documents and format text faster

Google Docs allows you to edit documents and format text faster

Google Docs is getting a new feature that will make editing easier.

Selecting several sections of text and applying the same formatting to each selection is now possible.

All Workspace and Legacy G Suite clients can use the feature.

Google Docs remains one of the top productivity apps on the web, allowing us to do our tasks with ease. That doesn’t mean it’s flawless, and Google is always looking for ways to make it better. This current update includes a useful new text selection function that should speed up editing.

Users of Google Docs may now make multiple text choices within a document, according to the company’s Workspace blog. The most useful aspect of the announcement is that it will allow users to concurrently delete, copy, paste, and format each selection.

Depending on the operating system you’re running, there are numerous ways to select multiple objects in Google Docs. Select the first chunk of text and use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left/right arrow to make the next selection on the best laptops running Windows or Chrome OS. Ctrl + + Shift + Left/right arrow is the combo for MacOS users. You can then make changes to the selected text or format it.

The new feature should appeal to power users because it makes document editing considerably faster and saves time. Rather than having to modify text one at a time, you may now edit many portions at once.

All Workspace users, as well as Legacy G Suite Basic and Business users, will be able to access the new feature. It will be turned on by default and rolled out over the course of 15 days, beginning on May 25, so it may not appear right away.

To boost processes, Google has added many new productivity features to Docs, including updated dropdown chips and table templates.

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