Google app announces ‘Finance Watchlist’ stocks widget is coming on Android

Google app announces ‘Finance Watchlist’ stocks widget is coming on Android

A “Finance Watchlist” stocks widget is now available in the Android Google Search app, which comes as a bit of a surprise.

Despite Google’s official announcement that the widgets would be included in Android’s new features for summer 2023, they were removed shortly after their initial release.

They are currently back with the beta version of Google App Mostly, the widgets now seem a little bit more stable.

A “Finance Watchlist” joins the Search bar, At a Glance, and Sound Search widgets, which are only available on Pixel devices. It is intended to enable you to “Follow stocks, indexes, and crypto on Google Search to build a watchlist.”, which received its most recent major update in September 2020, is the source of the stocks shown here.

Since there is no Finance app (only the website and some integration with Search), it makes sense that the Google Search app is being used to deliver it. The other option would be Google News.

A graph of one stock appears at the top. Data incorporates the ongoing value, image, and gain/misfortune with a comparing bolt. If the widget is full-width, other stocks are displayed in a list or side-by-side.

This stocks widget is present in Google App, which is currently in beta. It may not be ready for prime time and has some bugs. A server-side update might be able to get rid of it. However, all of the features are currently present.

In keeping with Google’s ongoing push toward large screens, this widget is somewhat foldable and tablet-friendly.

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