At Gillette Stadium Patrick Mahomes’ sweethearts Brittany Matthews says she was irritated by Pats fans

At Gillette Stadium Patrick Mahomes’ sweethearts Brittany Matthews says she was irritated by Pats fans

Matthews reported their day at the arena on Twitter

Patrick Mahomes’ sweetheart Brittany Matthews made the excursion to Gillette Stadium to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots. Brittany left grinning, as Mahomes and organization beat the host group, 23-16, and secured the AFC West. Yet, the outing was not all positive.

Matthews took to internet based life for the duration of the day to portray what Brittany and Mahomes’ sibling Jackson experienced as they were giving a shout out to the best in the west in Foxboro.

Brittany said fans perceived the two and started bugging them.

On Twitter, Brittany noticed that the night started with Patriots fans saying, “Hey everyone this is Patrick Mahomes girl and brother, let’s give them s—.”

Matthews included, “This should be fun,” with an eye move emoticon.

Brittany at that point said that individuals were getting irritated with their for standing up, which Brittany legitimately feels isn’t just adequate at a football match-up, yet is not out of the ordinary.

Calling the spot “horrible,” Brittany depicted the associations of the prior night saying that Brittany was alarming security to the issue.

The security perceived the issue immediately and Matthews said they moved their and those Brittany was with to a more secure spot in the arena, where ideally fans were somewhat kinder. In their Instagram story, it showed up they were in a suite before the finish of the game .

Brittany said regardless of everything, it is extremely unlikely Brittany was going to avoid the game.

The old neighborhood fans were unmistakably disappointed at the group after a moderate first half and faulty calls, and even booed the Patriots as they headed into halftime, however there will never be a need to take it out on contradicting fans or restricting relatives.

On the off chance that the groups meet again in the end of the season games in January, ideally Matthews and Jackson are around additionally inviting fans.

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