Aqara Launches Smart Lock U200 Featuring Apple Home Key Support

Aqara Launches Smart Lock U200 Featuring Apple Home Key Support

Smart home device manufacturer Aqara today announced the launch of its latest HomeKit-compatible lock option, the Smart Lock U200. The U200 comes with a host of smart features, including Home Key compatibility for hands-free door opening.

Aqara’s latest smart lock uses the Matter smart home protocol, so it works with HomeKit and other Matter-compatible smart home platforms. Aqara says the Smart Lock U200 is one of the first Matter-over-thread locks to support the NFC-based Home Key feature on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Home Key is designed to unlock the U200 using a digital key stored in the Wallet app when you hold your iPhone or Apple Watch up to the lock. The feature can be set to unlock without authentication, thanks to an Express Mode feature for quicker access. Unlocking works even if the user’s Apple Watch or iPhone runs out of battery.

Like last year’s U100 smart lock, the U200 detects if the door is open and sends an alert if someone forgets to close the door. It also conveniently locks automatically when the door is closed.

Multiple access methods are supported, including unlocking with iPhone or Apple Watch, mechanical key, PIN code, fingerprint scan, Aqara app, or NFC card. There is an option to provide guests with one-time and periodic passwords. When the U200’s quiet unlock mode is enabled, all beeps and other notifications that normally accompany unlocking are disabled, limiting noise to the limited to the whir of an engine.

With a slimmer, less industrial look than the U100 smart lock, the U200 is designed to fit into existing locks without modification. Inside is a rechargeable battery that is said to last up to six months, and the keypad runs on AAA batteries or a wired connection.

As a matter-of-fact over-threaded device, you need a home hub such as a HomePod, HomePod mini, or Apple TV 4K Wi-Fi + Ethernet to use the Aqara U200 in a HomeKit setup.

The Smart Lock U200 is available on Amazon for $270. It’s available in black or silver.

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