Apple may release its first foldable iPhone after Galaxy Z Fold 8

Apple may release its first foldable iPhone after Galaxy Z Fold 8

While there have long been rumors of a foldable iPhone, it appears that Apple may be preparing a release window for the device.

According to the Korean website, Apple has planned to release the foldable iPhone in September 2026. This implies that the foldable device may make its debut concurrently with the iPhone 18 series, but following the Galaxy Z Fold 8—Samsung usually introduces its foldables in August of each year.

According to the release, Apple expects to sell 50 million handsets. That would be a significant improvement over the previous years’ industry. According to Canalys (via Financial Times), 14.2 million foldable phones were shipped in 2022, and 30 million were expected to ship in 2023.

The publication was also informed by a source that Apple is moving several members of the Vision Pro team to the foldable project.

“I understand that a significant number of Vision Pro’s core personnel have been transferred to the foldable phone development team to develop the foldable phone,” the source explained.

However, expert recommend that you view this latest report with some caution. There are various rumors circulating about the foldable iPhone. Recently, a leaker on Weibo claimed that Apple had paused development of the device due to a display defect. There are also claims that Apple will be the first to make a foldable iPad.

In any case, it is obvious that Apple is investigating the foldable form factor. However, it appears likely that the business wants to wait to release a commercial device in order to avoid some foldable difficulties (such as display crease and thickness).

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