AI now makes it possible for Adobe Reader to generate images in PDF files

AI now makes it possible for Adobe Reader to generate images in PDF files

In an effort to boost productivity and creativity in digital documents, Adobe Acrobat yesterday received major generative artificial intelligence (AI) features. Users of Acrobat Reader will be able to upload or modify photos without ever leaving the program thanks to these features, which are enabled by the Adobe Firefly Image 3 foundation model.

Additionally, it would enable the creation of images within the app interface using text-based prompts. Adobe released the ability to summarize meetings and an insights tool for documents in addition to the image-generation capabilities.

Powered by Firefly Image 3, the ‘Edit Image’ function offers options including Generative Fill, Remove Background, Erase, and Crop. These features, which are comparable to Adobe’s well-known Photoshop image editing software, will make it simple for users to add or delete undesired items from document images.

Furthermore, the ‘Generate Image’ function will enable users to produce and enhance the generated images, incorporating them into any section of a document. These generative AI picture production tools, according to Adobe, are intended to improve documents with distinctive visuals and make it simpler for users to produce personalized document files without requiring a high level of creative proficiency or relying on other apps.

With the help of the “Insights Across Documents” capability, users can arrange and synthesize data from several papers to create logical or summarized material. A new conversational engine called Acrobat AI Assistant has also been unveiled by Adobe; it is integrated into the workflows of Acrobat and Reader.

Users can also create summaries of virtual meetings, highlight important areas, and ask questions thanks to the enhanced the meeting transcript features. Between June 18 and June 28, users can take advantage themselves of all the features of the new Acrobat AI Assistant for free using mobile browsers or the web application of Adobe Reader.

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