A new video control feature will be added to WhatsApp soon

A new video control feature will be added to WhatsApp soon

Similar to YouTube’s playback controls, WhatsApp is now testing a new feature that will give users more control over how videos play within the app.

It appears like Meta is putting more of a focus on giving people what they want with the most recent WhatsApp improvements. These features, which range from permitting 31 persons in group calls to preventing screenshots in view once mode, have shown to be beneficial for both individuals and WhatsApp businesses. Continuing along the same route, WhatsApp is currently developing a new function that will allow users to choose more about how videos are played within the app. Similar to YouTube’s playback controls, users will be able to fast-forward and rewind videos without using the progress bar thanks to this functionality.

Users can now move forward and backward by 10 seconds with the new video playback settings, according to WABetaInfo, a website that keeps track of all the newest changes on WhatsApp. The new buttons have an appearance similar of YouTube’s.

The source also mentions that WhatsApp for Android 2.23.24 beta testers are the only ones with access to the new controls for video playback. In further app updates, they will, however, be made available to all users. The official release date is not mentioned.

However, when these controls are made available, it will be far simpler for users to go to the most important parts of a video than it will be to drag the progress bar.

WhatsApp is creating a new privacy-focused feature called “Alternate Profile,” which hides details like the profile photo and lets users designate an alternative photo and name for individuals who are not on their contact list. This feature is in addition to the ability to restrict video playback.

The Alternate Profile function will be incorporated into users’ privacy settings for their profile photos, according to WABetaInfo. Users will be able to hide their primary profile information from other users and establish unique profile photo and name for each contacts.

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