A new teen safety feature, a warning system, and more are coming to Discord

A new teen safety feature, a warning system, and more are coming to Discord

One of the most widely used social media networks is Discord, especially among young people. Discord has more than 162 million active users, and young people use it for more than four hours every day on average.

This draws predators to young teenagers as prey. Young people accept friend requests from strangers without thinking twice and end up being taken advantage of. Discord has introduced a number of additional measures to safeguard underage users on its site in an effort to stop such incidents.

The age-inappropriate content on Discord’s platform will be hidden.

It is introducing new “Safety alerts” that warn teenagers about requests from strange people. For instance, Discord will issue a safety notice to have the recipient double-check if they wish to reply when a teen receives a DM (Direct Message) from a user for the first time. Additionally, if necessary, links will be provided for blocking the user or seeing additional safety advice.

Additionally, Discord automatically blurs the multimedia and notifies the user of the material in order to stop the spread of improper content (via DM and group DM). Teenagers have to take extra precautions when consuming media as a result of the blurred content. Anyone will be able to choose to use this function.

Additionally, Discord has a system in place that permanently bans or blocks anyone who ignores the platform’s rules. The business will now issue a warning first.

Discord will now notify users of which posts violated the platform’s rules and ask them not to submit any content as controversial again for the risk of being banned from the service.

The user will initially receive an in-app notification from Discord informing him or her of the precise policy or community guideline that was broken, the post that did so, the actions taken and/or account restrictions, and more.

This will give the person a chance to think things over and change his or her ways.

They will be prohibited from using Discord once more if they carry on breaking the rules.

In addition to the teen safety and warning features, Discord also unveiled Remix (a meme-making feature), the option for premium Nitro subscribers to create custom app icons, and a new in-app Shop where Nitro members can buy profile accessories, avatar decorations, new profile effects with animations, and more.

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