A Lamborghini Huracan STJ is the ultimate V-10 model

A Lamborghini Huracan STJ is the ultimate V-10 model

With a final special edition, Lamborghini is declaring the end of the Huracan and its V-10 engine. The ultimate version of the Super Trofeo Jota (STJ) is based on the STO but raised to a higher level. After ten years on the market, the hardcore flavor, limited to ten cars, signals the end of the “baby Lambo” line.

Expect to be let down if you believe it has more power. The 5.2-liter naturally aspirated engine in the Huracan STJ produces 631 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque. Power is sent to the back wheels through the same automated, seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission. However, there are a few hardware upgrades over the STO, the most notable of which are the four race car-derived adjustable shock absorbers.

The 20-inch center-lock wheels with custom Bridgestone Potenza Race tires are paired with the four-way shocks. The aerodynamic modification features a modified rear wing angle in addition to newly inserted carbon fiber flicks at the corners of the front bumper. At the Nardo system, where Lamborghini tested the Huracan STJ, it reduced over a second off the STO’s lap time.

Lamborghini created two liveries for the Huracan to set it apart from lower-end variants. This example features a black roof, contrasting red and white furnishings, and a blue finish. The other one has a black roof with red and white accents and is completed in gray. Inside the cabin is a numbered carbon fiber plate that reads “1 of 10” to signify the STJ’s uniqueness. On the passenger side, owners have the option to install an customized plate.

In comparison to the before Gallardo special, the Huracan STJ is a little disappointing. Using a lot of carbon fiber, the Sesto Elemento was a track-only beast that weighed just 2,202 pounds. The STJ represents the end of an era because it not only predicts the end of the Huracan but also of the V-10. The 5.2 FSI engine was nearing its end of life due to the recent discontinuation of the Audi R8.

Although pricing isn’t stated, it doesn’t really matter. Since Lamborghini said over a year ago that it had sold all of its remaining supply, the ten vehicles have already been assigned to new owners. Unfortunately, the NA V-10 engine will not be present when the Huracan replacement is announced later this year. Rather, a smaller, perhaps turbocharged engine component of a hybrid powertrain is anticipated to be used.

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