YouTubers test the Apple Watch Ultra’s durability in various ways

YouTubers test the Apple Watch Ultra’s durability in various ways

The Apple Watch Ultra is a tough wearable, and YouTubers have put it through a variety of tests. One tried its diving prowess, while another used a hammer to smash the screen.

As always, a range of tests and teardowns by tech vloggers are conducted in conjunction with Apple product debuts. Two films sum up the limits of testing capability for the Apple Watch Ultra, which is advertised as a reliable diving watch that explorers can rely on.

The Apple Watch Ultra, which is EN13319 certified, water resistant to 100 metres, and features a Depth app to show how deep the user has dropped, was put to the test by DC Rainmaker in a Sunday video.

However, there aren’t many possibilities to dive deep in Amsterdam, therefore the test was carried out in a specially made table-top dive chamber. The Depth app was demonstrated as being sufficiently precise to use throughout the controlled “dive,” as well as showing the readings a user would see after completion.

The app changes to display a bright yellow backdrop and the words “Beyond 130ft,” suggesting it has exceeded the app’s limitations when tested at depths greater than those recommended. The Apple Watch Ultra was successfully submerged to a 159-foot depth before being brought back to the “surface.”

While the app didn’t show depths on the screen over 130 feet for Underwater Depth, the Health app does. The results show that, in contrast to the watchOS app, it went “beyond 144 feet,” which is not precisely the level the chamber was set to but is higher than what Apple claims in its marketing.

TechRax posted the Apple Watch Ultra testing that was more routine and dramatic on YouTube on Saturday. the same channel that crashed a car to show how well the iPhone 14 can detect crashes.

After unboxing, the YouTuber put the Apple Watch Ultra through a series of tests, dropping it at first face-first onto concrete with only minor scratches to the titanium case.

Funny enough, it appears that the YouTuber’s furniture is more durable than the Apple Watch Ultra. After six hits, the table’s top underneath the Apple Watch began to break, requiring the YouTuber to move the device and resume the “testing.”

The video, while certainly eye-catching, does at least show that Apple indeed did build the Apple Watch Ultra an extremely robust device. It can probably tolerate daily life if it can withstand a few hammer blows.

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