YouTube now shows a video’s likes and views in real time

YouTube now shows a video’s likes and views in real time

Finally, YouTube has released a real-time view and like counter for videos, which enables users to monitor a video’s popularity while actively watching it.

The small thumbs-up and view counters are receiving a makeover, as observed by Android Police. Instead of remaining still in the past, they will now update in real time while you watch a movie. This gives you the opportunity to watch a video’s popularity rise in real time.

Whether the video is playing or paused, those two measures now include a nice animation with rolling numbers. In addition, the counters are updated automatically. This implies that you will always see the most recent counts on YouTube when you return from switching tabs or apps.

However, not everyone on Reddit is a fan of the new feature; some have called it “obnoxious” and distracting. Although there isn’t a “off” switch on YouTube, some tech-savvy Redditors found a way to stop the animation.

It’s not exactly a new update on YouTube. This update was actually unveiled by Google in October along with a slew of other features, such as a brand-new “You” tab, the ability to look for music by humming along or singing along, larger thumbnails while browsing through movies, and much more.

The live view and like metre aren’t a permanent party trick, though. Only newly uploaded videos within the first 24 hours are eligible for the real-time counter. Thus, if you’re watching videos that are older than a day, don’t expect the animation.

YouTube’s tasks extend beyond live streaming and like counters. Some AI-powered capabilities for Premium members have been trialled by the platform. YouTube introduced a tool called “Ask” beneath videos last month. This feature allows users to ask it questions and get answers, as well as ideas for related videos. Artificial intelligence-generated video comment summaries are the subject of another test.

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