Yati Vaish,an Alumni of amity University is now a Socialist also working at ICICI bank

Yati Vaish,an Alumni of amity University is now a Socialist also working at ICICI bank

Before being appointed as President of Shree Welfare Foundation, she was a part of Youth For Humanity NGO, where she worked towards bringing a change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth and women.
She plays a critical role in planning and achieving funds for social welfare programs and is also involved in helping needy people by abiding by the Country’s law, for the betterment of their life by donating blood which was organized by youth for humanity.

She also keeps track of her healthy lifestyle by doing jogging and meditation daily. She has won gold and silver medals in an inter-school boxing tournament. She recently took part in Lucknow Half City Marathon held on 7th February 2021.

She has done many voluntary works with different organizations like working with Phaze Experience in managing Pro Kabadi and also managed the UK fair organized by IDP. Moreover, at college, she organized and volunteered in quiz competitions, marketing events.

She is digital-savvy as she keeps up with the happenings in the surroundings as she completed digital marketing, private equity and venture capital, customer analytics and financial market courses.
She promotes women’s empowerment through education by teaching poor girls for 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday. And create awareness, literacy, training, and development, contributing towards gender equality.
From childhood, she used to go orphanage on her birthday to feed kids and from here she had the thought of joining an NGO and helping the people in need.

Recently seeing the scenario in COVID-19 she feeds stray dogs daily in her neighborhood and is working with Shree Welfare Foundation in providing food to COVID-19 patients at the government hospitals and to the police officers who are on long hours of duty.
She believes that “We cannot build the future for our society but we can build our society for the future “.

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