Xbox Receives the Most Recent Palworld Update

Xbox Receives the Most Recent Palworld Update

The second update for Palworld for Xbox was released this week. Palworld’s Patch, released recently by developer Pocket Pair, fixed a number of problems, including cheating, Pal AI, and other errors. The crew has returned with a ton of balance tweaks and enhancements to enhance gameplay and reduce crashes.

This latest Palworld update was rolled out to Steam users a few days ago, while the Xbox version was previously scheduled to be released on an unknown date. The Xbox version of Palworld has historically lagged behind the Steam version in terms of performance and available features since its early access release. But since then, Microsoft has been working with Pocket Pair to support development and presumably ensure that the Xbox version of his Palworld remains up to date. Still, Xbox fans didn’t have to wait too long for the latest update, as the new patch is now officially available for console and PC Game Pass players.

The latest version of Palworld,, fixes server issues, balances gameplay, and even removes a glitch that prevented users from giving their Pals nicknames. Furthermore, Pocket Pair has fixed a few problems that players have been having in Palworld’s dungeons. Naturally, Palworld is still in early access, so before this already enormous hit hits 1.0, players should anticipate further patches.

Palworld unveiled its future content roadmap, which includes PvP, raid monsters, new Pals, new regions, and crossplay in addition to bug fixes and stabilizing patches. It makes sense that Pocket Pair has begun to focus on refining Palworld as it stands, hence no timeframe for when players could expect these new features was provided.

The Xbox version of Palworld still lags behind its Steam counterpart in a few important areas, even with the most recent update. For instance, there are no dedicated servers for Palworld on Xbox. Although it is probably the most obvious feature-lacking addition to the platform, the Xbox version’s multiplayer potential is similarly limited when compared to the Steam version. Nevertheless, Palworld has become the biggest third-party launch in Game Pass history, and a lot of Xbox players have been enjoying it. Palworld has been a huge hit for the platform since its day one debut of the subscription service.

Palworld is probably the biggest surprise hit of the year thus far, breaking player records and gaining popularity in spite of a number of problems. It can be easy to forget that Palworld is still in early access, especially with all of its success. Fans have a lot to look forward to in the future, including frequent updates and a fascinating plan.

Palworld Update Patch Notes

Major Fixes

  • Fixed various game crashes

Balance Adjustments

  • Fixed a bug where Brood Pal always had a fixed passive ability.
  • Fixed an issue where the increase in condensation progress was incorrect when using a pal of rank 2 or higher as a condensation material (it increases depending on the number of friends used in the previous condensation)

Dungeon issues

  • Fixed an issue where the innermost door in On was not displayed. It no longer opens even after defeating the boss of a random dungeon.


  • Fixed an issue where renaming a buddy to would not change.

Server Issues

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to search for spaces or Japanese/Chinese characters in the server list.
  • Fixed so that if a server is no longer registered in the server list, it will be re-registered without restarting the server.
  • Fixed an issue where settings to enable RCON were not loaded from the configuration file.
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