With the third-generation Razr, Motorola will try foldable phones once more

With the third-generation Razr, Motorola will try foldable phones once more

According to a Weibo post seen by Android Authority, Motorola is working on a new version of its Razr foldable cellphones. Chen Jin, the general manager of Lenovo Mobile Division Group in China (Lenovo is presently in charge of Motorola’s smartphone business), wrote a blog post about how the company has been covertly working on a new foldable phone. Motorola’s first two modern foldables were unimpressive phones with high price tags, so it doesn’t have much to live up to.

While certain elements of Jin’s essay did not make the transition to English, there are some constant details that appear in all of the translations. The phone will have a faster processor, a better UI, and a new look, according to the post. It’s difficult to determine how different the third-gen Razr will be from the previous one at this point — the second-gen Razr was more of a spec bump that introduced 5G, rather than a significant upgrade from the first Razr foldable launched in 2019.

Perhaps the third time is the charm – the company’s first two foldable attempts were difficult to recommend, even before Samsung released the excellent Z Flip 3 for $1,000. Today’s announcement, combined with the fact that Motorola is still issuing Android updates for them (although at a snail’s pace), suggests that Motorola isn’t giving up on a Razr comeback.

According to one translation of Jin’s post, it may be released first in China, which is supported by the statement on Weibo. We’ll be watching for new information or an announcement about this phone to see if it’s a significant upgrade or just another iteration of a forgettable foldable.

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