When unidentified senders send links, Google will warn users before opening them

When unidentified senders send links, Google will warn users before opening them

Internet scams are a serious national cybersecurity risk that have cost thousands of people a huge amount of money in recent months. Cybercriminals frequently use traditional mobile device messaging services or communication platforms like WhatsApp to carry out their schemes. For example, we recently published the account of a Mumbai resident who, after fell for a scam, lost Rs 3 lakh from his credit card by clicking on a link that he got through a fake e-challan SMS. It has been rumored that Google is developing a new feature for messaging apps in response to these growing worries.

This new feature, which is just an upgrade, will bring in a pop-up notification that shows up every time a user tries to open an SMS from someone they don’t know. As an additional security measure, this notification asks users to think things through before responding to the message or any attachments. People frequently read messages quickly without checking to see if they are legitimate, which leaves them vulnerable to scammers.

A recent revelation from tipster PiunikaWeb claims that Google Messages has already added an additional security feature for links received in RCS chats. This report is based on information from AssembleDebug. In the past, when a user clicked on a link from an unknown contact, the app would prompt them to verify that they trust the sender. The revised version, however, is more cautious in its approach.

What Makes This New Update Different?

The statement “Caution: this sender isn’t one of your contacts” is used to specifically notify users, along with a warning that “Links from unknown people may open unwanted and harmful content.” In order to proceed, users must now select a box that says, “I understand this link may be harmful.” As an alternative, they can completely reverse the action.

The study describes the operation of this functionality, noting that it was found in RCS mode and that regular SMS may also use it. It was confirmed in a comment on AssembleDebug’s post on X that the warning still showed up even after clicking on a link that the user’s bank sent. It is expected that in the near future, Android users worldwide will be able to access this feature.

This enhanced warning system is a vital tool in the fight against phishing frauds. Phishing schemes use dishonest methods to trick users into clicking on dangerous links by imitating respectable organizations. These phony websites frequently imitate real ones, fooling visitors into accidentally revealing their login information. Scammers then obtain illegal access to the accounts of their victims.

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