When It Comes To Chasing Your Dreams, Your Age Is Just A Number, Proves Tawhid Pritam

When It Comes To Chasing Your Dreams, Your Age Is Just A Number, Proves Tawhid Pritam

“Be a traveller, not a tourist,” says the caption of one of Tawhid Pritam’s Instagram posts. The hodophile about whom we are talking today has married the love of his life, i.e., he has turned his love of roads into his profession. After marriage, a person becomes a part of your life. Similarly, roads and travel have become inseparable parts of Tawhid Pritam’s life.

The founder of Star One Studio, Tawhid Pritam, is one of the youngest entrepreneurs to be found. His company, Star One Studio, is a multimedia company that provides you with the services of professional photography and videography for weddings, music videos, and whatnot.

The adventurous travel film “London to Snowdonia” is filmed by Tawhid Pritam and his friends. At an age where the youth crave to watch a new movie every weekend, Tawhid and his friends used their skills and creativity to produce their own film.

Tawhid Pritam, who is a professional photographer, has his camera’s lens always opened to capture the incredible magic of nature. The magical hues and shades of nature always fascinated him. Along with professional photography cameras, he also uses iPhones to capture the mesmerising visuals.

In addition to all these, Tawhid Pritam is also a travel vlogger who loves to explore the streets of London. In his vlogs, he takes his viewers on a beautiful journey across various areas of London. His videos also consist of elements of daily life that engage the viewers until the very end of the vlog.

Stepping into the world of media makes one open to various fields of work. Tawhid Pritam has enlarged the circumference of his potential by giving his best in travel vlogging, portrait photography, wedding photography, commercial photography, and concert photography.

Tawhid is also known by his social media username, “BO55TRY.” BO55TRY is a UK private car registration plate. This plate was bought by him back in 2017. This gleaming car is a symbol of his success. While other people of his age got busy with events and parties, Tawhid Pritam got busy with his dreams and worked hard to make them come true.

He is a perfect example of “you reap what you sow.” And now, when you might think that Tawhid Pritam must have achieved this success in his late 20s or early 30s, you are proven wrong here. Tawhid Pritam has achieved all this before stepping into his 20s. 

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