What is Temu, a company known for its Super Bowl advertisements?

What is Temu, a company known for its Super Bowl advertisements?

Super Bowl viewers won’t want to miss the ad campaign from e-commerce company Temu, which promises low prices that allow customers to “shop like a billionaire.”

According to Apple rankings on Monday, the company’s app ranked him second among the most downloaded free apps on his Apple devices.

The platform sells affordable versions of everything from sneakers to jewelry to drones. However, Temu faced concerns about customer dissatisfaction, data risks and lax oversight of possible forced labor in its supply chain.

In June, Tem told the AP that the company has “zero tolerance” for forced labor, adding that it had taken steps to ensure compliance with U.S. law on the issue.

The company says on its website that data protection is “cares deeply”. “Temu does not `sell’ personal information in the traditional sense,” the company added, acknowledging that it does share some data with third parties to improve its services.

The company issued a statement to Time magazine in 2022 about its business operations, saying its low prices are made possible by its “deep network of merchants, logistic partners and [Pinduoduo’s] established ecosystem built over the years.” He said it became.

Temu is the US-based offshoot of Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo, which has one of the most popular apps in the country, with over 750 million monthly users, according to a 2022 report. We sell a wide range of products. His

Temu, founded in 2022, mimics the business model of its sister company, offering discounts on almost everything. Additionally, customers receive credits when they promote the company on social media or play games hosted on the site.

A 4-pack of “Oprah Style Reading Glasses” costs $13.97. Men’s collared shirts with American flags cost $8.90. According to the company’s website, the hook earrings cost $3.14.

Because many of Temu’s suppliers operate overseas, the company’s standard delivery time is up to 23 days, he said on Temu’s website. Expedited shipping costs an additional $12.90 and guarantees delivery within 12 days.

Customer tracking may not be available at every stage of the delivery period, as local carriers may handle some of the delivery process, Temu says.

The Better Business Bureau gave Temu a “C+” rating, noting that in the past 12 months he resolved 1,625 customer complaints.

Temu is a private company and does not regularly disclose details of its business performance, such as sales and earnings. The company ships tens of millions of packages each year in the U.S. from about 80,000 sellers offering products on its website, according to a June 2023 report from the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Communist Party of China.

The House of Commons report also comments on concerns about the possible use of forced labor in the company’s supply chain.

According to the report, Temu’s delivery network includes more than 80,000 suppliers. The company told House investigators that it does not specifically prohibit sellers on its platform from using suppliers because they are from the Xinjiang autonomous region. Xinjiang Autonomous Region is a region known for exploiting the Muslim minority Uyghur population into forced labor.

“U.S. consumers should know that there is an extremely high risk that Temu’s supply chains are contaminated with forced labor,” the report states.

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