Two new features for Threads have been announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Two new features for Threads have been announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg

The number of daily active users (DAU) on Threads has been dropping. According to data released by Sensor Tower last week, Threads’ DAU has decreased by 82%, and the amount of time spent using the app has decreased as fewer than eight million people are using it. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, revealed last month during a town hall meeting that the firm is developing additional “retention-driving hooks” or functionalities to prevent users from leaving the site.

“A good week for Threads,” Zuckerberg stated in a post on the social media platform. He stated, “The community here is on the trajectory I expect to build a vibrant long-term app,” and added that search and online services will be “coming in the next few weeks.”

Lots of work still has to be done, but Zuckerberg expressed excitement about the team’s delivery velocity.

The news comes days after the organization announced plans to increase user retention on the platform. At the time, Zuckerberg stated that while “not perfect,” user retention on the app was better than management expected.

“Obviously, it would be fantastic if all of them, or even half of them, stuck around if you had more than 100 million people join up. According to Zuckerberg, “We’re not there yet. He believes that the drop-off was “normal” and that retention will increase as the business adds additional features to the app.

Upcoming improvements to Threads

Recently, a number of additional features were added to Threads to help it compete with X. The CEO of the Meta-owned company announced that the platform will soon have new capabilities, including a chronological feed option and automatic translations.

Additionally, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri unveiled a number of enhancements, such as quicker ways to approve follower requests, a button to instantly follow your followers, and new ways to filter notifications under Activity.

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