This list includes Android devices that Google Calendar will not work on: Check to see if yours is included

This list includes Android devices that Google Calendar will not work on: Check to see if yours is included

Google is discontinuing support for some devices’ versions of the Calendar app. The modification will take effect in December 2023. For the majority of Android users-the majority who have been using Android devices for years-this is significant news because they prefer the Google suite of apps over the stock ones. This is also due to the fact that Google apps are pre-installed on all Android devices, irrespective of the OEM, making data sharing simpler. They might need to make some adjustments before the stoppage takes effect, though, as the Google Calendar app is being withdrawn for some customers. But before you panic out, let me tell you why this isn’t as horrible news as it seems.

Android 7.1 and previous versions are the smartphones that will no longer support the Google Calendar app. The Android Nougat upgrade, known as Android 7.1, was released in 2016, which is around seven years ago. To put things in perspective, 1.6% of Android smartphones were running the Android 7.1 update as of December 2022. After October 2019, security updates for Android Nougat, which includes Android 7.1, ceased to be released. You should anticipate even fewer people using smartphones running Android 7.1 or earlier a year from now. Furthermore, if you use a smartphone running Android 7.1, the manufacturer of your device will no longer deliver security and other updates to the device.

According to the report, users must now have Android 8.0 Oreo or higher in order to access Google Calendar. It’s possible that security concerns impacting earlier Android versions led to the implementation of this requirement. Utilizing a more recent, vulnerability-free version of Android is the solution to this issue.

However, you will no longer receive updates or support for the Google Calendar app if you are still one of the few people using a smartphone running an Android version lower than Android 7.1. It’s also critical to remember that Google has not formally created this information. As of right now, the source of this information is a reverse engineer who discovered a “UnsupportedOperatingSystem__enabled” flag in the Google Calendar app. This essentially indicates that Google is preparing to stop supporting the app on some devices.

But there are also workarounds for this. Moving your data to the pre-installed calendar applications on your smartphone is one method to go about it. We also suggest this as a choice. Installing the app’s APK is an alternative, but it carries a higher risk and may include viruses and bugs.

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