The top 5 winning strategies Ranked in Season 20 of Apex Legends

The top 5 winning strategies Ranked in Season 20 of Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 20 is here, and the latest update completely overhauls the game’s core mechanics and structure. Ranked play is no longer the same as it has been for the past 19 seasons. With the addition of the new EVO system and all-new Legend upgrades, ranked play in Season 20 of Apex Legends will require a completely new approach.

The top five strategies you can use in your competitive games to go up the competitive ladder as soon as possible are listed in this post.

5 Meta Tips for Winning in Apex Legends Season 20 Ranked

With different armor levels no longer available in Apex Legends Season 20 Ranked, how and where you land when exiting your dropship will change drastically. This article provides a comprehensive guide to ensuring the best success rate in your matches, from choosing drop locations to planning your battles.

Check out the 5 most useful tips below:

1) Diversify your team

First of all, with the addition of the new perk system, it’s worth acquiring legends of different classes. If possible, you should not have multiple characters of the same class.

Class-based skills now grant EVO XP, which is essential for upgrading armor and skills to the next level. This means that if you have two legends of the same class, you will always be at a disadvantage, depriving yourself of the opportunity to maximize your EVO winnings each game.

Allow class-based abilities to run consistently after cooldown. You’ll need to open class-related supply containers, reveal supply packs, scan for upcoming rings, and more. Each action gives you +100 XP. This is a huge benefit, especially for leveling up early in the game.

2) Target EVO Harvesters

When the first round of Rings in Apex Legends Season 20 begins in Ranked, EVO Harvesters will be placed all over the map. Harvesting these collectibles will give your entire team +350 EVO. Once you drop and pick up some decent loot, you should prioritize finding the nearest available EVO Harvester.

Once you secure one EVO Harvester, you’ll have at least tier 2 armor and tier 1 perks for future encounters. Prioritize rotating POIs where you can collect at least a few more of these to get your armor to level 3.

3) Play as a Team

In ranked games, it’s more important than ever for your team to work as a unit. All actions must be communicated between teammates in every game. This is primarily to ensure everyone is on the same page when targeting enemy players.

Each knockdown in a gunfight grants +150 EVO XP, and shooting enemy squad members together not only increases the chance of a successful knockdown, but also ensures that the entire team receives the Team EVO bonus. can. Earning assists is more valuable than ever in Apex Legends Season 20.

4) Target Care Packs

Care Packs contain Mythic rarity loot and additional elements to support gameplay. Mythic rarity weapons are probably the most powerful weapons in the current Apex Legends Season 20 weapon meta and should always be prioritized over ground loot.

More importantly, care packages always have the option to include his Evo cache. Evo Cash is a gold rarity loot that allows a player to instantly jump his EVO level. Wearing level 3 armor will give you level 4 mythic armor, making him one of the strongest players in the game.

5) Plan your drops

Looting is no longer the same as it was in previous seasons of Apex Legends. Ground loot has been optimized in Season 20. Additionally, armor no longer spawns. This means you should prioritize dropping into zones that provide the most class-based activities for all players on your team.

Prioritize where you can find assault class storage, support class storage, recon scans, etc. This allows you to maximize the abilities of your entire team and efficiently farm his EVO in Ranked mode.

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