The top 5 muscle cars in GTA Online, ordered by lap time

The top 5 muscle cars in GTA Online, ordered by lap time

In GTA Online, lap time is a great way to find the fastest muscle cars. Players can get a sense of which races are likely to dominate by looking at the performance stat. Although top speed is another important metric, it’s not necessarily the best measure in all situations. Thus, lap time is the only topic of this page.

Based on lap times, the top five muscle cars in Grand Theft Auto Online

5) Dominator ASP

Lap Time: 1:05.732

Keep in mind that San Andreas Mercenaries is the most current patch, and this list was created long before any GTA 6 news was released.

In terms of lap time, the Dominator ASP and regular Vigero ZX are only marginally faster, with a difference of 0:00.150 seconds. Nevertheless, as of the San Andreas Mercenaries update, that feature ranks the Dominator ASP as the seventh quickest muscle car in GTA Online.

The Dominator ASP has an intriguing feature in that it also functions as a tuner. It can therefore be utilised in Tuner races, according to this. Unfortunately, being ranked 10th isn’t as excellent as being placed fifth, thus its performance there is fairly mediocre compared to its strong ranking in the muscular class.

4) Weevil Custom

Time of Lap: 1:05.365

The Weevil Custom is the fastest non-HSW muscle car in GTA Online in terms of top speeds. Regretfully, the car isn’t even the fastest in terms of lap time; it trails the following entry on this list.

However, after players convert the standard Weevil (which is currently available for free), they can gain the Weevil Custom, an all-around fantastic car.

All things considered, the Weevil Custom is a great car for its class, particularly on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC because HSW cars aren’t available there. To make it suitable for those who enjoy customising their rides, this car has even received some quite extensive customization.

3) Buffalo STX

Time of Lap: 1:03.463

Imani Tech cars are generally of high quality. The Buffalo STX is one of the quickest muscle cars in Grand Theft Auto Online and can be outfitted with a Missile Lock-On Jammer or a Remote Control Unit. This car isn’t all that slower than its HSW counterparts; in fact, the former has a significant advantage over the Weevil Custom.

The Buffalo STX is the fastest choice available to players on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. On the other hand, players who opt out of HSW changes will also favour this experience.

2) Buffalo EVX HSW

Time of Lap: 1:02.546

The top car on this list is not much slower than the HSW Buffalo EVX. Therefore, choosing which muscle car to employ in GTA Online mainly comes down to personal taste. Players may find the HSW Buffalo EVX more appealing if they’re looking for an Electric Imani Tech car.

Because electric cars accelerate quickly, the HSW Buffalo EVX may be a benefit in races with tight curves. The next car is more valuable to GTA Online players on tracks with mostly straight roads because it has a far higher top speed than the HSW Buffalo EVX.

1) Vigero ZX HSW

Time of Lap: 1:02.145

The HSW Vigero ZX leads the muscular class in both top speed and lap time. With a top speed of 157.5 mph, this car comfortably pushes the record for the fastest lap time overall.

In general, the Vigero ZX is a safe way to win any GTA Online muscle car race. It is safe to say that the car will keep dominating its niche—at least long enough to be a contender for the top five. When a trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 releases, it’s likely to still be among the top three.

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