The NFL Sunday Ticket will be available for a free trial on YouTube

The NFL Sunday Ticket will be available for a free trial on YouTube

The NFL Sunday Ticket has a new home on YouTube after winning the rights from DirecTV for the first time since 1994. You may stream games using YouTube TV, Verizon, or straight on YouTube. Google discreetly reversed course after previously stating that it would not provide a free trial and said that it would provide customers who met the requirements with a free seven-day trial of the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Naturally, there are some limitations or conditions, but we’re happy that YouTube will follow DirecTV’s lead and let users try it out before they pay. NFL fans want to make sure it’s a fun experience before forking over $449 or enrolling in a payment plan, so this is especially important during the transfer to YouTube. What then are those limitations? To begin with, the trial is not accessible to those on monthly payment plans, student plans, or those who have already signed up. Additionally, Verizon customers who sign up are ineligible because it is only available directly through YouTube or YouTube TV.

This is a standard free trial in all other respects. On the NFL’s YouTube page, customers may see all their payment options by clicking the “Get NFL Sunday Ticket” button. Once you click next, a request to join up for the free seven-day trial will appear during checkout. You have the option to either cancel after the trial period or keep using the service and pay for the ticket.

It’s important to note that some people, including myself, aren’t currently able to access the trial option. According to Google’s support page, “If you don’t see the 7-day trial at checkout, try again soon.” Additionally, you may only sign up for the free trials if you do so through a computer or mobile device. As a reminder, the first week of the 2023–24 NFL season will be shown on September 10th as part of the NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube. Packers, go!

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