The latest PlayStation 5 beta introduces improved DualSense controller audio and screen sharing capabilities

The latest PlayStation 5 beta introduces improved DualSense controller audio and screen sharing capabilities

A new PS5 beta version that will enhance the DualSense controller’s microphone and speakers as well as add pointers and emoticon replies to the Share Screen function has begun testing by Sony. Testers can now download the update by sending an email invitation, and it also adds the ability to reduce the PS5 power indicator’s brightness.

With this PS5 beta, the software for the DualSense and DualSense Edge wireless controllers has been updated to enhance the loudness of the speakers that produce voice chat and in-game noises. In order to better handle noise, Sony is also enhancing the DualSense controllers’ microphone functionality.

Senior vice president for platform experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment Hideaki Nishino states, “A new AI machine learning model has improved the mic input quality on these controllers.” “A better voice chat experience is achieved by reducing background noise from button presses and game audio.”

Friends can now participate with your gameplay through pointers and emoji reactions if you use the PS5’s Share Screen feature. “In order to help the host player navigate the shared screen more precisely, viewers can highlight specific objects or areas by moving a pointer around, sending a ping, or drawing a line,” says Nishino.

That seems like a fantastic feature to help friends in finishing a difficult puzzle, boss, or level in a video game. Additionally, viewers can give emoji reactions to the screen sharing host. If you have a friend who enjoys trolling you while you’re playing, don’t worry-you can turn off the emoji and points.

The final feature added to this PS5 beta version is the option to adjust the power indicator’s brightness. Three alternatives are available for selection: dim, medium, and bright (default). Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely turn off the power indication.

A limited number of testers in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and France are able to access this PS5 beta today, according to Sony. All PS5 owners usually receive beta updates in a matter of months.

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