First Indian airline to reach 2,000 scheduled flights a day is IndiGo

IndiGo, India’s budget airline, now operates more than 2,000 scheduled flights per day. Being the first airline in the nation to reach this milestone, this is a historic moment. The announcement was made soon after the airline declared a second-quarter net profit. The airline stated that the 2,000 planned flights included shipping, passenger service, and…

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After a mid-air glitch, the ingenuity helicopter flies successfully on Mars

The helicopter made a quick 25-second hop, providing the Ingenuity team with vital information to help them comprehend why its 53rd flight terminated abruptly. After an unforeseen stoppage during its last hop, NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has now successfully completed its 54th trip on Mars, marking an important milestone. For the Perseverance Mars rover science…

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