Tabu and Ali Fazal to join in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Netflix thriller ‘Khufiya’

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Producer Vishal Bhardwaj is outfitting to take on the digital world with his next project, Khufiya, chronicling a genuine story from the world of intelligence service in India, for which he is joining with his favourite Tabu and entertainer Ali Fazal.

In light of a reconnaissance novel Escape To Nowhere by Amar Bhushan, the Netflix film will go into production before the current month’s over, with Delhi being the fundamental area for the shoot.

“It is my first web project and I am very excited about it. Since it is based on a true event which happened in Delhi, around 70% of the film will be shot in the national capital, and the rest in the US,” shares the director in an exclusive chat with us.

Opening up with regards to projecting Tabu and Fazal, Bhardwaj says, “Tabu is everyone’s favourite and my most favourite. My best work has been with her. I wrote this character keeping Tabu in mind. Tabu plays the role of the main protagonist who is running the mission. And whenever I see Ali in, I find him to be a very good actor, that’s why I choose to work with him”.

For Tabu, working with Bhardwaj accompanies an extraordinary comfort level, and artistic liberty. “I have the best creative synergy with Vishal, and I can’t explain it in words. When he is bringing something to me, I can just close my eyes and say ‘chalu’. It has been a while since we wanted to collaborate with each other on the film, and it kept getting delayed because of the pandemic. I am so happy that it is finally happening. I am also doing his son’s film, I feel I come in package,” Tabu jokes.

With the role, she is set to investigate something which she “has not done in a very long time”.

“It is a world that I haven’t really entered into in a long time. And any new experience is always fantastic, especially for an actor, to go and find your place in that and just do your thing, and see what comes out of it. There is no reference point for me. You will understand when you watch it,” she says.

The covert agent spine chiller will follow the tale of RAW employable, a mole, and an offended darling, with individual situations making it a complex mission. It additionally stars Wamiqa Gabbi and Ashish Vidyarthi. The director is intending to release it in the second 50% of 2022.

“Amar Bhushan, who himself was the counter intelligence unit head for a long time, has brought details of the surveillance operation where he makes you sit inside the RAW office (with his words). And the modus operandi of the size of our country was so intriguing and exciting for me,” shares Bhardwaj, adding, “The detailing of intelligence services which was never before written in a book or even shown in a film till now”.