SOS connectivity will be available on Pixel phones, as far as we know

SOS connectivity will be available on Pixel phones, as far as we know

For its Pixel phones, Google is now working on a new function called Satellite SOS. This cutting-edge technology makes it possible for users to share their location and send messages to emergency services even when there is no WiFi or cellular network connection. It’s interesting to note that Satellite SOS and the Emergency SOS via satellite function that Apple debuted with the iPhone 14 series in 2022 are very similar.

Users can find the Satellite SOS option by going to Safety & Emergency > Settings > Satellite SOS. It is located between Emergency SOS and Car Crash Detection. 9to5Google claims that a recent update to Adaptive Connectivity Services mistakenly handed out the functionality to Pixel phones.

Users will obtain an in-depth explanation of how the feature works upon pressing on the Satellite SOS option. In basic terms, it enables people to use satellite connectivity to make calls or send messages to emergency numbers like 911 in situations where traditional cellular or WiFi signals are not accessible. Users may also use Google Maps to answer to inquiries about the nature of their emergency and share their exact location.

It is important to note that the Satellite SOS feature will automatically provide 911 services with relevant data, including the user’s name, phone number, email address, and emergency contact information. In addition, it will communicate the user’s position and specifics about their device, such as its model, enabling prompt and precise emergency replies.

The options menu, which points to a support page that lists the nations in which the feature is supported, suggests that Satellite SOS should have worldwide ability. Moreover, the settings make reference to a collaboration with Garmin on worldwide emergency response projects.

Although Satellite SOS is available in the Pixel phones’ settings menu, customers are unable to try it at this time because the demo choices are not working. This suggests that before making the feature available to people, Google is still working on improving it.

Additionally, Google has before stated that Android phones would receive satellite capability; however, Satellite SOS might initially appear on Pixel phones. There’s a chance that the functionality will be revealed at a future Pixel-focused Google event.

According to the timetable, Pixel phones might get Satellite SOS features before other Android smartphones. But, considering the importance this function is to guaranteeing user safety, Google might decide to make it compatible with more devices.

The fact that Pixel phones come with Satellite SOS settings suggests that the capability will soon be officially released. Important information, including which Pixel models will support it, the areas in which it will work, any associated prices, and its exact release date, has not yet been made public by Google. For more information, Android users will therefore have to wait for an official statement from Google.

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