Sonos’ Arc soundbar will be $180 cheaper ahead of Super Bowl

Sonos’ Arc soundbar will be $180 cheaper ahead of Super Bowl

To be honest, you deserve better than to use the built-in speakers on your TV. While some current TVs have decent audio quality (and some are currently on sale), most people would be better off with a dedicated home theater system. And Sonos has chosen an ideal time to launch a sale on a number of its products, with the Super Bowl just a few weeks away. A particularly notable discount is the one on the Sonos Arc’s prices. The company’s premium soundbar is now $719 instead of $180. That is the same as what was offered on Black Friday.

One of our favorite high-end soundbars is the Sonos Arc. It produces excellent audio quality and has a beautiful look. There are, regrettably, several drawbacks.

The only item you can directly connect to the Arc is your TV because it just has one HDMI input. Expanding the setup may get pricey quite quickly, even while the soundbar integrates with the rest of the Sonos ecosystem and allows you to add some of the company’s other speakers as surrounds.

However, Sonos subwoofers, such as the Sub Gen 3, are also available for purchase. That has decreased to $639 from $799. To help you create a full home theater system with additional low bass, the Sub Gen 3 pairs easily with the Arc or a number of other Sonos devices. Sonos has cut prices on more speakers and certain combinations, so it’s worth checking through the remaining items in the sale.

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