Open-source video player VLC will get another UI this year with a 4.0 launch

Open-source video player VLC will get another UI this year with a 4.0 launch

News website Protocol ran a broad piece on the history and status of the well known open source video player VLC, and the story incorporates new insights concerning the following significant version of the software. In addition to other things, VLC 4.0 will bring a total UI redesign.

“We modified the interface to be a bit more modern,” VideoLAN establishment President Jean-Baptiste Kempf told the publication. Kempf had recently demonstrated some version of another interface around two years back, however it’s unclear at this point now how much that one takes after the one the group intends to present with VLC 4.0.

While the article doesn’t list each change coming, it plots a couple other potential headings and needs for VLC.

The VideoLAN foundation has not generally looked for approaches to adapt VLC, however some source of funding or revenue could help guarantee long term support for the project. Keeping that in mind, Kempf said VideoLAN is investigating a Plex-like business model, with ad-supported free video streams accessible in the player. “That is something that could work for VLC,” he clarified. In any case, it was clear nothing is last on that front yet.

VLC will likewise eventually get uphold the AV1 and AV2 codecs; AV1 is acquiring a lot of traction for streaming services and other video products nowadays. At long last, VideoLAN is building up another approach to run VLC on the Web, utilizing Webassembly and JavaScript.

VLC 4.0 is normal “in the coming months,” yet we don’t know any more than that at this stage.

Indeed, even with the VLC 4.0 subtleties aside, the Protocol article merits reading only for the history behind one of the world’s best open source projects in case you’re not already familiar (and possibly in the event that you are).

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