OnePlus reveals its first tablet before its official debut next month

OnePlus reveals its first tablet before its official debut next month

The OnePlus tablet is coming soon. A brand-new official image of the upcoming OnePlus Pad has surfaced, featuring an unconventional camera placement and the color “Halo Green.” At an event on February 7, the tablet is said to debut alongside the OnePlus 11 5G and Buds Pro 2.

The only image, which was uploaded to the official OnePlus India website, shows a green finish and a centered rear camera. The body is said to be made of aluminum alloy and has a frame that is cambered, or slightly sloped, like older iPads.

OnePlus told TechRadar that the green color “blends the vibrancy of life with the vastness of space” in some impressively flowery marketing copy. Sadly, we do not yet know about any additional color options, specifications, or prices.

Android tablets may experience a renaissance this year. At two 2022 events, Google teased its Pixel Tablet in addition to the forthcoming OnePlus slate. The Tensor G2 chip from its most recent flagship phones will power the device, which will be available sometime this year and will attach to a speaker base. It will come after Google’s ill-fated Pixel Slate, which it discontinued after only two years.

Apple’s iPad dominates the consumer tablet market, with Samsung and Amazon providing the most well-liked Android-based alternatives.

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