Offline downloads will be available for YouTube Music’s web app

Offline downloads will be available for YouTube Music’s web app

You can configure offline downloads directly from the website, but keep in mind that these downloads will apply to the 10-device limitation.

In keeping with features already present in mobile apps, YouTube Music has started to roll out offline download options for music and podcasts on its website. The features, which was first observed in February, is now more broadly accessible as of March 29. The Library tab in the sidebar will include a “New! Download music to listen offline” prompt next to it for users to notice.

It is crucial to remember that downloading files offline will apply to the allowed 10 devices, even though they can be configured straight from the website. It is unlikely that most users will be affected by this limitation, though. The ability to remove stored content is available to users under Settings > Downloads.

In the middle of the “Save to library” choice and the three-dot overflow menu, readers may see the well-known download button when reading the album or single page. Progress will be shown in the bottom-left corner as a “Downloading…” indicator. The Library page will then display a new Downloads tab with filters for Music, Playlists, Podcasts, and Albums. Under the Now Playing bar, users will see a notice alerting them about “No Internet connection”.

As is typical with streaming services, downloads can only be accessed as long as the device is online at least once per thirty days. Due to the absence of native desktop programs for YouTube Music, this upgrade solves a long-standing gap. Users of Chromebooks previously had to download the YTM Android app in order to get around this.

While it is probably necessary to have a YouTube Premium subscription in order to download songs, it is not yet known if podcasts are available for download to all users. The feature works with Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers. Although there has been one documented case of online downloads, it hasn’t happened regularly across all devices and accounts that were examined.

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