Now users can see turns and live ETA directly on their lockscreen with Google Maps

Now users can see turns and live ETA directly on their lockscreen with Google Maps

Last year, Google added lots of new features to Maps. “Glanceable directions” was one such feature that, when activated, shows customers important data straight on their lock screen, such as turn-by-turn directions and real-time ETA. February saw the release of this functionality. Still, there hasn’t been any word on when it will be available. Google is reportedly introducing its new Glanceable directions to customers gradually.

Many people worldwide are currently experiencing this functionality on devices running iOS 6.104.2 and Android 11.116, according to Android Police. Their overall navigation experience is enhanced by the feature, which lets users see real-time updates, the estimated arrival time (ETA), and the next turn shown right on the lock screen or route overview screen.

Even if they haven’t hit the Start button to start detailed guidance, users may still track their journey with the new Maps feature by utilizing the route overview. When checking the route in places you are familiar with, this tool comes in useful. When enabled, Maps will automatically recalculate the route and update the route preview whenever the user departs from the intended path whether biking, driving, or walking. Overall, without having to frequently unlock their phone while traveling, users can keep informed about their trip and directions thanks to this new Google Maps function.

In the meantime, Google Maps is going through an amazing AI-driven makeover that adds a number of new features to provide users with a more engaging experience. In the last few months, Google has added or released the following features to Maps:

Amazing View: Whether traveling by car, foot, or bicycle, this feature lets users explore their routes in more detail. Users can access a multidimensional view with visual turn-by-turn directions by choosing their preferred directions and tapping the Immersive View preview. Planning departures based on simulated traffic and weather conditions is made easier with the help of the time slider. At the moment, travels to cities like Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, and Barcelona can use this feature.

Previously called “Search with Live View,” Lens in Maps uses augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide you context about your surroundings. Accessing neighboring ATMs, train stations, restaurants, and other locations is as easy as tapping the Lens symbol in the search box and raising the phone. Google is adding more than 50 more cities to this feature list, such as Austin, Las Vegas, and Rome.

Improvements to Navigation: Google Maps’ navigation is also being updated to more closely reflect reality. Users might expect improved colors, accurate building representations, and updated lane details to help with complex driving manoeuvres when using the immersive world view.

Google Maps may also provide EV drivers with real-time information regarding charging stations, such as whether or not they are compatible with their car, the charging speed (rapid, medium, or slow), and the date and time of the previous usage.

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