Nissan is planning two new electric cars and the next-generation Leaf, including the Qashgai

Nissan is planning two new electric cars and the next-generation Leaf, including the Qashgai

The next-generation Leaf and two new electric vehicle models are part of a multi-billion dollar investment that Japanese automaker Nissan is planning to make in the UK. With the launch of the Leaf more than ten years ago, Nissan was one of the first manufacturers of EVs in large quantities.

The Nissan Qashqai, an all-electric mid-sized SUV, and the electric Nissan Juke, a little smaller variant, are the two new totally electric models.

In order to invest the new cars, batteries, and related infrastructure, Nissan intends to invest £3 billion ($A5.7 billion) in building three new factories at its EV36Zero base in Sunderland.

It is among the biggest EV investment programmes the nation has ever seen. A locally generated wind and solar micro-grid, which includes a recently installed 20 MW solar plant, powers the Sunderland hub.

One out of every five cars produced in the UK is the Qashqai SUV, which was the best-selling vehicle in the UK in 2022. More than a million smaller Jukes have been sold, and they are currently on the road. Naturally, as part of this effort, both of these ICE vehicles will be electrified.

Two of the concept models that will serve as the foundation for all three of the electric efforts were just revealed at the Japan Mobility Show.

These included the Hyper Punk Concept, which will serve as the basis for the Juke, a compact crossover, the Hyper Urban Concept, an EV crossover that will serve as the basis for the electric Qashgai, and the Chill-Out Concept, which was initially revealed in 2021 and would serve as the basis for the renewed Leaf.

Later on, more details regarding the three models—such as their names, features, and launch dates—will be made available.

The news, which came late on Friday in the UK, came after Nissan had previously stated that it expected its passenger car lineup in Europe to be all electric by 2030 and that all of its new cars sold on the continent will be electric starting today.

Makoto Uchida, president and CEO of Nissan, stated, “Exciting, electric vehicles are at the heart of our plans to achieve carbon neutrality.” “With electric versions of our core European models on the way, we are accelerating towards a new era for Nissan, for industry and for our customers.”

Nissan’s investment, according to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, is a huge show of confidence in the country’s auto industry.

“This venture will no doubt secure Sunderland’s future as the UK’s Silicon Valley for electric vehicle innovation and manufacturing.”

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