Nintendo Switch’s ‘Dave the Diver’ game will launch in next month

Nintendo Switch’s ‘Dave the Diver’ game will launch in next month

This October, the Nintendo Switch will receive the indie hit Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver will be available for Switch owners to try out on October 26 as it was revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct. A free demo will also be released on the eShop later today. Following its official release on the PC earlier this year, Dave the Diver will now be playable for the first time on a console.

In the casual adventure RPG Dave the Diver, players run a sushi restaurant while diving to the bottom of the ocean. However, the game constantly mixes things up with minigames and side tasks to keep players on their toes.

We awarded Dave the Diver a 9 in our review, saying, “Dave The Diver is a tremendous and unforgettable RPG adventure that I can’t put down. The story and characters are full of heart and charm, the underwater exploration and restaurant management are easy to lose time to, and the sheer number of weird minigames and other surprises that are packed in the 30-hour adventure ensure things never grow stale.”

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